Silton Swim School Policies

*Please read carefully*

#1. A One-Hundred dollar ($100) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit must accompany each registration form (one registration card per child) and is valid for the current summer only.  All balances are due no later than May 15th.  All registrations after May 15th must be paid in full, unless a payment plan is scheduled with our office.

#2. Re-Enrollments will be accepted according to availability.

#3. A registration form must be filled out for each student/child completely and initialed by a parent or guardian indicating dates desired, session choice, complete address with all needed telephone numbers, and email addresses. Each registration must be signed and dated for enrollment to be processed.  

#4 Friend Requests: You may request your child to be placed with a friend, but please note, the children must be registered as the same age and sessions, and no requests are guaranteed.  Please limit friend requests to 1 request per child. 

#5. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.  For all cancellations we will issue a letter of credit. 

**Cancellations prior to May 15th: The $100 deposit may be issued in the form of a credit letter along with any other payments made.  The $100 deposit may be transferred prior to May 15th.

**Cancellations after May 15th: The $100 deposit WILL NOT be included in your credit letter.  The $100 deposit may not be transferred after May 15th. 

#6. Accident Insurance is provided and will pay benefits for medical expenses only which are not recoverable from your or any other health insurance.  List your health insurance company name on each students registration form.  Your policy is the primary coverage.

#7. Parents are NOT PERMITTED to observe classes.  Drop off by 8:45 AM (AM class) and 12:45 PM (PM Class).  Classes start promptly at 9 AM or 1 PM; tardiness is VERY disruptive.  Please do not arrive for pick-up before 11:45 AM or 3:45 PM.  

#8.  All Early Pick-Ups must be done though our pool office.  NO child will be dismissed from the pool area.  All students will be signed out and dismissed from our office.

#9. There is a $20 service charge for all returned checks.

#10. All payments are accepted in Cash, Check, or Money Order only.

#11. All students must be dropped of in their designated area.  No child may be dropped off in the parking lot.  All students must be accompanied by an adult to their instructors on a daily basis.

#12. All cars must be parked in the Silton Swim School parking lot only.  Cars parked in our neighboring lots will be towed by the owners expense. Please keep in mind these are our year-round neighbors.

#13.  Weather Cancellations: Parents/Guardians are responsible for calling the school or checking our website for cancellations.  Due to the amount of students, we cannot accommodate that many phone calls.  

**If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather: Silton Swim School will NOT offer a make up day.  If a second cancelled inclement weather day occur during your child's two week enrollments, we WILL then offer a make-up day.  Please call our office with any questions.

#14. A Record of current immunization is required by the State of NJ.  In the case of a student with no immunizations or partial immunizations, a document issued by a parent or doctor must be presented to our office.

In a continuous effort to keep our campers safe and healthier, Silton Swim School must comply with the New Jersey Youth Camp Standards N.J.A.C 8:25-5.5, regarding immunizations and health policies.  A copy of your child's immunization record from your child's pediatrician must be submitted to our office before your child's first day.  

Possible Outbreaks:  Please be advised, in the event the NJ Heather Commissioner deems there to be an outbreak or a threat of an outbreak of a communicable disease, Silton Swim School reserves the right to refuse admission to or dismissal from our program any person who is not fully or partially immunized.  In addition, any person who presents a heath risk to themselves or others due to communicable disease, infection or infestation, may also be refused admission or dismissed from our program with no monetary refund (A letter of credit will be issued).